Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Excellent Reasons to Adopt a Homeless Dog

The world is highly populated with sweet, domesticated animals in need of companionship, food and shelter. With all the great information out there about purebred dogs combined with the general public’s savvy ability to research canine characteristics, stray dogs in need of a good home may be overlooked more often than they should for those picture-perfect canines. If you happen to be looking for the perfect family dog or aren’t necessarily looking, but are compassionate enough to open your home to the joy, warmth and loyalty a dog can offer, consider these five excellent reasons to adopt a mixed-breed, homeless dog: 
  1. When you adopt a homeless dog, it knows you saved its life. It will be forever grateful and its personality will always reflect a heartfelt gratitude. It’s a dedicated appreciation that is extremely rare in this world, even for those who give birth and dedicate their lives to actual flesh and blood offspring. 
  2. Homeless, mixed-breed dogs are, once dewormed and up-to-date on shots, typically heartier in regards to health. So, when you fall shamelessly in love with an adopted pooch, odds are it will live a long, healthy life. Also, good health saves you money on vet bills in the long run. 
  3. Speaking of cost-savings, guilt over purchasing wholesale dog food in bulk quantities, which saves you lots of money over the lifespan of a dog, is greatly diminished when providing for a mixed-breed rescue dog as compared to a purebred, fancy, expensive pooch.  
  4. When you save a dog, the dog becomes protective of you and your family. In essence, the dog becomes your alarm system for intruders, fire, thunderstorms, mouse invasions and off-key singing. Does your expensive, high-tech alarm system do all that? 
  5. Less vacuuming. You’d think having a dog would require more vacuuming, but you’d be incorrect. The dog will sniff out all edible morsels below knee level and consume them, not only giving you less to clean, but potentially saving your vacuuming cleaner from sucking up machine-damaging foodstuffs. As for the hair you’re worried about, it gets conveniently blown under furniture thanks to the canine’s built in duster-blower mechanism: its tail.
Now that you’re completely convinced, please help get the word out. While some have already been adopted, three of the puppies in these photos are still in need of a good home. My good friends at G&G Automotive have more information on the puppies. Not only did they rescue the entire family, which was on the brink of starvation, they are also selflessly adopting the mother. Please forward this information to potential adoptive parents. And always remember, when your house seems a little empty, there is a special dog out there in need of your help and ready to pay that help back to you 100-fold.

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