Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Boxers for Ladies

silk boxers When you are balancing career, family and friends, things are bound to bottleneck. For me, as my colleagues and I prepared for a big pitch presentation, it was my laundry that ended up on the back burner, piling high above the top of my dirty clothes hamper. The presentation went off without a hitch. Somehow, my wardrobe lasted long enough to get me through. But now that the big meeting is over and my schedule is leveling back to its normal hectivity pace, I have scant few items left to wear.

This morning, I had to choose between a thong or Christmas-themed silk boxers. Since a thong would inhibit my ability to work out comfortably, and I am finally able to spend some time at the gym, I went with the boxers. Guys wear boxers all the time without complaint. Many prefer boxers. So why do women shy away from boxers?

Slipping them on, it was obvious comfort was among the boxers’ greatest attributes. Feeling that much silky softness from mid-thigh to mid-waist was luxurious. Boxers also don’t squeeze your intestinal tract unbearably causing excess discomfort as well as embarrassing gastrointestinal events. And, when you’re changing from work clothes to workout clothes and back at the gym, boxers offer a whole lot more modesty than women’s underwear styles. No dimply upper thigh skin was exposed today.

After my initial interactions with the boxers I received as a gag gift but never used before today, I wondered why a women’s line of the silky shorts doesn’t exist. But after a day in my boxers, I understand why a permanent switch to them is not in my future. It’s all about utility.

Boxers were designed for men who, much of the time, need only unzip in the restroom. For the ladies, a powder room visit means shimmying down the pants, sliding down the boxers, pulling them back up, pulling the pants back up over them and then sliding a hand down the side of each pant leg to smooth out each boxer leg. Rushing through the process and eliminating the last step results in an uncomfortable, unsightly, lumpy bulge creeping around both thighs.

While wearing boxers with pants or slacks isn’t all that practical for women, we could certainly get away with sporting them under a skirt or dress. My gag gift will certainly get a little more use now that I’ve personally experienced them. Meanwhile, I believe I will continue to maintain a stock of more feminine undergarments for the many pants-wearing days of my life—which means I better prioritize that pile of laundry tonight!


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  1. Life is hectic. I am glad I have choices. Stock with "funwear".

  2. Thanks so much! Quick update: I actually am caught up on all my laundry at the moment. No boxers this week...