Monday, May 21, 2012

Do You Dust Dinosaurs?

If I had a million dollars with which to shop, I can assure you I would not purchase a dinosaur skeleton. According to the Associated Press, a nearly complete fossilized skeleton of a tyrannosaurus rex was auctioned off in New York City for just over $1M. And while it might make a wonderful conversational piece, I can think of several reasons why the buyer might second guess the purchase within a few months of setting it up in the foyer.

Disney T-Rex Toy
I wouldn't even want
to dust this small
Disney/Jurassic Park toy.
The dust issue would be my first concern. A little knickknack-sized dinosaur can gather enough dust in a week to choke a cat. But we buy them for our young children, who promise upon a ka-billion stars they will play with the dinosaur day in and day out because it will be their favoritest toy. Then, during spring cleaning, we excavate it from a three-inch thick dust bunny wedged between the leg of the bed and the wall.

Can you imagine how much dust might accumulate on an actual dinosaur skeleton? And how would one—or one’s domestic engineer—access each fossilized surface with the dust wand?
My next concern would be d├ęcor. From where furniture could be placed to color schemes to styles, a giant dinosaur accent would throw a monkey wrench into even the most eclectic decorative atmosphere.

Even if you had the resources to keep it maintained and it fit well with your taste in home furnishings, what do you do with your T-Rex once everyone has seen it and it’s lost its novelty? Where would you store it? A dinosaur skeleton won’t fit under a bed wedged up against the wall. So, unless you have a hanger out back built for an airbus-sized aircraft, you would have to be completely committed to its display. And while you might promise upon a ka-billion stars that you would never tire of it, at some point, you will come across an even more expensive, more exciting, favoritest toy that you will be compelled to buy.
If I had a million dollars with which to shop, my shopping spree might include a few toy dinosaurs for nieces and nephews—my own boys have outgrown the dust collectors. However, a pile of actual-sized dinosaur bones would not be on my list.


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  1. Very nice post! If I had a million dollars my first activity would not be shopping and I definitely would not buy a dinosaur skeleton. I would pay off bills and then I would shop for a home and look into savings and investments.

  2. Kimberly, you are a wise woman!