Thursday, April 4, 2013

Be Gone, Jack Frost, It IS Spring

Pellets of snowy sleet are falling even as the bright green leaf budlets are emerging from our trees. We’ve had some beautiful spring weather lately, but Jack Frost decided to throw a tantrum. To keep from becoming frustrated at the dismal weather, I’m pulling out some emergency spring pictures. I will also plant my seeds in the peat-pot seedling starter kit I purchased on a sunnier day. Take that Jack Frost! 

It IS spring: The daffodils are in full bloom.
It IS spring: White blossoms are wreaking
havoc on the allergy-sensitive.
It IS spring: Ground cover is turning purple. 
It IS spring: Cherry blossoms are
pinking up the place.
It IS spring: Bright green baby
leaves are replacing buds.

Micki Bare, mother of three, wife, daughter & writer is the author of Thurston T. Turtle children's books. 

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