Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wine Pairs Well With Beer

The Merry family is
is onto something with
their wines & beers.
An oasis on the open road, my mom and I happened across a winery just after crossing into Ohio on our way to Minnesota. No matter what our itinerary, we can always make time for a wine tasting. But what made this particular winery unique was the beer. We just happened to stumble upon Merry Family Winery and Old Mill Craft Beer. When we pulled in, we could see vines planted along rolling hills surrounding the winery. When we opened the door, we could smell the delicious aroma of a batch of hops being cooked. At the tasting counter, we were given a list that included samples of their wines and beers. Mom and I voted the aptly named family's wine and beer crafting venue our favorite rest stop on our journey to the Midwest.

The combination of wine AND beer is becoming rather trendy. One of our favorite places to relax with friends is a wine and beer shop a few blocks from our home. One of the reasons we like it so much is because I prefer to sip wine while discussing small-town politics, while Hubby prefers to wash down his grapevine gossip with a bottle of beer. Logistically, it's much easier to have one place we can go that meets both our needs.

John Benca, who owns McGee's
with his wife Dixie, proudly
serves some great wines
along side Irish beer & cuisine.
An Irish pub in Anderson, SC also sees value in offering great beers and wines under the same roof. While McGee's was already a fantastic watering hole for those who enjoy beer and Irish foods, the owners decided to step things up with an award-winning selection of wines. In 2012, McGee's Irish Pub and Restaurant became the first pub in the country to be recognized by Wine Spectator for its wine list.

This trend is a good one for Hubby and me. The more places we can go to discover new wines and beers together, the more opportunities we have to bond as a couple. Now, if we could find a restaurant that serves sushi AND pizza, we'd have the happiest marriage ever.
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