Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Super Adventures of Super Mom

Happy Mother's Day to
all Super Moms of the world!
Whether a mom is labeled “stay-at-home” or “working,” she is still a “super mom” and, from time to time, must draw upon her super powers to overcome obstacles and keep everything running smoothly through the hectivity.

When unavoidable events would otherwise create mass hysteria, moms instinctively kick it up a notch and employ their super powers, such as super-multitasking, super-organizing, super-penny-pinching, and super-discipline.

In this Super Mom adventure, Super Mom's pets were overdue for a vet visit. Like any good pet owner, she made appointments for a day that seemed relatively event-free on the household calendar. However, one of her arch nemeses, the masked Mr. Schedule Stuffer, zoomed in undetected and crammed sports practices, work deadlines, and family events into her life.

Drawing upon her super-organizing powers, she implemented a counter attack by rescheduling the appointment for another month. Mr. Schedule Stuffer was not happy. He zoomed off into oblivion, biding his time until two days before the vet appointment. Then, out of nowhere, Mr. Schedule Stuffer struck with a last minute out-of-town meeting. Little did Super Mom know he was also going to partner with Sand Man, who worked to make the children late for school on the day of her overbooked morning. To make matters worse, Mr. Confusion also joined the forces of evil to make Super Hubby think he had programmed the coffee pot to make coffee without Super Hubby actually pouring water into the machine or setting the time.

Was all lost? Would Super Mom be able to get through the morning? Should she have rescheduled the vet appointment yet again? HA!

Pulling out her super-discipline powers, she created a logical but firm consequence with which to motivate the sleepy children. Using her super-multitasking abilities, she was able to distribute bag lunches, pack her briefcase, and load the car with pets and children with super speed. Super Mom was also able to grab a few dollars and adjust her departure time for a few minutes earlier so she could squeeze a coffee stop into the chaos that was her weekday morning. Kissing Super Hubby goodbye, she jumped in her super-minivan and headed out to drop off kids and pets, purchase a cup of coffee, and commute to her 9 a.m. meeting fifty miles away.

Thinking she’d beaten the bad guys at their own game, she smugly drove through the horseshoe drives at the middle and high schools. Light traffic meant she had plenty of time to grab coffee after the vet stop. And the vet was a few hundred yards away. She could see the roof. That's when disaster struck. Mr. Schedule Stuffer enlisted Barf Boy’s help to slow Super Mom down once more. Turning into the parking lot, Super Mom begged and pleaded with her dog to wait just thirty more seconds. But the dog couldn’t hold it. Doggy vomit spewed forth.

Did Barf Boy use car sickness or a bad dog food nugget? Super Mom didn’t have time to speculate. She automatically drew on her super-multitasking powers to drop off the pets and clean up the mess. Luckily, Super Vet Assistant was there to help. She tapped into her super-organizing powers and tossed Super Mom a roll of paper towels and some air freshener. “Take THAT, Barf Boy and Mr. Schedule Stuffer!” Super Mom blurted out as she tossed the vomit-filled towels into the trash, returned the cleaning supplies, and headed toward the bathroom to wash her hands.

Hopping back into the super-minivan, which now smelled like apples and cinnamon, she noted the time. She could still get coffee and make it to the meeting. Good was prevailing over evil. The line at the fast food restaurant was short and the server added the cream to the coffee. Super Mom was off again in no time. With minimal traffic, she would make it to her meeting with plenty of time to spare. Twenty miles out of town, Crappy Coffee Dude swooped in and sucked all the flavor out of Super Mom's large java. Yes, she had time to purchase coffee, but it was awful. Now the evil ones were hitting below the belt. But they forgot who they were up against. Super Moms are resilient. They never give up. They never back down.

Arriving at the hotel in which her meeting was to be held, she walked directly to the restaurant, met up with some colleagues, and turned over a mug. The server filled the cup within seconds. Was she an ally? The coffee was superb and the server didn’t charge Super Mom for it. It was Super Server assisting in Super Mom's battle against the evil ones. The meeting started and Super Mom was content in the knowledge that, on that day, she'd once more overcome the powers of evil. But she was not naïve. She was fully aware that as long as her family was thriving, there would be many battles ahead. But she is a Super Mom. She will be able to handle whatever the forces of evil throw her way.

Micki Bare, mother of three, wife, daughter & writer is the author of Thurston T. Turtle children's books. 

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