Friday, July 26, 2013

Books Do Write Themselves

Mr. Possum from the Hubbleville series by Micki Bare
Meet Prewitt W. Possum,
one of my favorite
characters and the star
of my new manuscript.
As a writer, I truly believe through experience that books, and columns for that matter, write themselves. The writer is merely the conduit. Lots of ideas spark my writing, but the final products are never what I envision or intend them to be. They are what they become on their own.

Now that the stress of planning our 2013 family reunion has dissipated and the event is behind us, my mind is clear and open for the task of writing my next children's book. I began it last fall, nearly a year ago. But the holidays, home projects, and our family reunion occupied my mind and soul. Now, however, the creative juices are flowing. In addition to allowing the next book in the Hubbleville series take shape, I must heed other callings. There are several other writing projects chomping at the bit for me to be released through my mind and fingers. Several ideas, currently existing as notes scratched on notepads and dry erase ink on my whiteboard, long to make their debut onto the white screen of my laptop.

I should probably sweep the floors and wash the not-dishwasher-safe dishes piling up in my sink. But Prewitt W. Possum keeps pulling me back to my computer, nagging me to write his story. He is frustrated by his waning enthusiasm for writing. But as the writer, editor, and publisher of the only newspaper in Hubbleville, he really has no choice but to rediscover his passion. Meanwhile, he has just discovered something in the park on his way home from dinner at the Country Café with Mr. Frogson. Meanwhile, Mr. Turtle just happened by, so the floors and dishes will have to wait until Mr. Possum and Mr. Turtle figure out the identity of the curious object nestled in the tree.

Micki Bare, mother of three, wife, daughter & writer is the author of Thurston T. Turtle children's books. 

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