Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pizza Printer, Bat Guest, Empty Nest Syndrome

NCSU & NASA pizza technology Navigating Hectivity
Print me an extra cheese &
pepperoni, please!
In addition to blogging and verbally noting critical details about people and things in an annoying manner, I write a weekly column. Most recently, I wrote about future family pizza movie nights, which could very well be conveniently enhanced by pizza printers. The technology for printing out an edible NY-style pie is actually being researched. This is why I adore my alma mater, NC State, and will forever be indebted to NASA.

Nocturnal Batty Visitor Navigating Hectivity
Just hanging around.
Another recent column introduced our nocturnal guest. He decided to hang around at night once or twice, but we haven't heard from him in a while. It would be great if he could drop by toward the end of October. A well-timed visit would save us time and energy decorating for the holiday.

Empty Nest Syndrome & New Dishes Navigating Hectivity
Surfing for the last set
of dishes we will buy
as hubby & wife.
I'm also dealing with the transition of children moving out into their own apartments. My middle child signed a 12-month lease, his first, and took with him our piecemeal dish set. Now the oldest is filling out apartment applications. As I type these words, a close family friend, an adopted son of sorts, is packing his truck and moving into his own place. Hubby and I still have no dishes and are now divvying out furniture. We're waiting for the youngest, who hardly spends time around the house anymore, to notice the bare spots.

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