Friday, November 29, 2013

Mr. Toodles is Watching, So Behave Well

Toodles the Elf Observes Behaviors | Navigating Hectivity by Micki Bare
Mr. Toodles watches from his perch
an the top of the curio during the day
and reports back to Santa each night. 
Before our first cups of coffee on Black Friday, our nephews and niece pulled us into the living room to meet Mr. Toodles. While were were sleeping off our Thanksgiving gluttony fest, Santa Claus dropped off Mr. Toodles. He will be, they informed me, hanging about the house from now until Christmas Eve.

From what I now understand, Mr. Toodles uses his special powers to return to the North Pole each night and report on the children's behavior.

The first, most very important fact about Mr. Toodles is we cannot touch him. It is extremely important for everyone, especially newbies like Uncle Dave and myself, to keep as safe distance. If Mr. Toodles were to be touched, he would lose his magic powers.

Our oldest nephew told us a story to illustrate the severity of a lost-magic injury. He explained that there was an elf observing from a very low shelf. The little girl who lived in the home accidentally touched him. The poor elf lost his magic and had to walk all the way back to the North Pole. When he finally arrived, he had to undergo lots of medical procedures, including surgery!

After telling us about that poor, magically-injured elf, our nephew told us about the time Mr. Toodles fell off of one of their shelves last December. Our nephew thought quickly and threw a blanket over Mr. Toodles. Then, he told his little brother and sister to stay away from the blanket. When he knew Mr. Toodles was protected, he reported the incident to his mom. She immediately went to the blanket, grabbed a tissue, and carefully helped Mr. Toodles back to his perch on the shelf. She was careful not to touch him and Mr. Toodles survived the incident unscathed.

This year, to ensure his little brother and sister remembered all of the important things about Mr. Toodles, he snuggled on the couch with them and re-read the book.

From what I now know about him and his elf friends, I believe Mr. Toodles is going to have a wonderful report for Santa tonight.

Learning about Mr. Toodles and his elf friends was a great way to begin day two of our Thanksgiving weekend.

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