Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dancing with My Eye Doctor

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Two left feet and bifocals abide in my repertoire of dancing tools. What were they thinking? Raise money for students. Give people a chance to realize their educational dreams and life goals. That's what they were thinking. Okay, I'll give it a whirl.

On May 31, in the hands of the esteemed Dr. William Walker, I will take to the dance floor for the Randolph Community College Foundation. We will spend 90 seconds proving that even writers lacking rhythm can put on a show for a good cause. Thankfully, my partner not only has rhythm, he has music. He's a member of two bands. He had our music selected and the routine roughed out before our first dancers meeting. It's going to be heck of performance.

There will be blog updates on my adventure with Dr. Walker. Wish us the best. No, wait, I'd rather you voted. Vote today. Vote tomorrow. Vote often. Stuff our ballot box. In addition, I'll post information about our fundraising events. Come and spend your money at our events. It's all for education. And even though ours will surely be the bestor at least most entertainingperformance, we only win if we raise the most money. So vote. Donate on our behalf. Buy tickets to the event. Twirl and dip through this journey with us.

Here is the link where you can vote/donate online:

From the bottom of my heart to the tips of my two left feet, I sincerely thank you.

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