Thursday, March 20, 2014

Family Photobombs #ThrowbackThursday

In honor of Hubby's birthday month, Throwback Thursday (#TBT) seemed a good opportunity to expose our children for what they are—photobombers. Our children seem to have a knack for timing when it comes to obstructing otherwise perfectly sweet family pictures. Considering they've had cameras pointed at them since birth, I suppose the development of photobombing talent was inevitable. 

Ten years ago, I attempted to take some pictures of Hubby during his birthday celebration. Opening presents makes for memorable subject matter, so I had my camera ready as he opened his birthday bounty. Our two oldest were also at the ready.
Offspring Birthday Gift Photobombing | Navigating Hectivity by Micki Bare
The oldest attacked with the "lean in" bomb.
The middle child assaulted with classic "rabbit ears."
Of course, as you can see, Hubby was on the phone at the time. Considering he rudely took a birthday call while we were in the middle of our family party, I had no sympathy for the carefully strategized siege unfolding in the perimeter of the images.
Candle Blowing Photobomb | Navigating Hectivity by Micki Bare
The candle-blowing "mimic" photobomb.
With two goofy, attention-grabbing, photobombing older brothers as mentors, our youngest easily developed his own photobombing finesse. Years later, Hubby is still the victim of the attacks.

Jump in Front Photobomb | Navigating Hectivity by Micki Bare
This extraordinary photobomb took
precision timing and solid athleticism. 
Our youngest achieved a perfectly timed forefront lens block to ruin Hubby's kilt photo a couple of years ago. Notice the extended arms ensuring a near-complete subject obstruction. Poor Hubby. 

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