Monday, September 8, 2014

The Caregiver Child: a poem by Micki Bare

The Caregiver Child
Stormy Life, Beautiful Life | Navigating Hectivity by Micki Bare
Storms bring out the
beauty in nature;

as well as in life. 

Please be patient with me today,
I might not know quite what to say.
Life’s path just turned and in the road,
For us was perched an awkward, heavy load.

To others it might not seem so bad.
She seems the same, why feel so sad?
But there are symptoms they cannot see.
Ones that destroy what used to be.

She is peppy, active, fun, and sweet,
A gal any and all would love to meet.
But just behind the veil of the norm,
Rages a windy, dark, and treacherous storm.

Not all of us can be by her side.
Not everyone is meant to take this ride.
But each has her duty and his role to play,
Regardless of how near or far away.

I do not have to be the only soul,
To bear the full burden and absorb the toll.
Cheer her up with a call or two,
Slip a handwritten note in the mail from you.

For me, what would help more than you know,
On this path underneath descending shadow,
Is patience with my jumbled thoughts and ideas,
That come out wrong or seem unclear.

With this disease, so little is known,
Into an uncharted sea we’ve all been thrown.
It’s as hard for you as it is for mom and me,
Of course I know that; of course, I can see.

As we move forward together into tomorrow,
And face, with strength, each triumph and sorrow,
Patience and understanding will brace our climb,
And we will navigate this journey with grace and sublime.


Enjoy Every Moment | Navigating Hectivity by Micki Bare
How to take on AD? Together.
Just take it by the horns and every
moment you have a chance, enjoy.
On October 18, my mom and I, along with family members, friends, and neighbors, will be walking in the 2014 Memory Walk to raise money for Alzheimer's Disease research and outreach. To sponsor our team, Ella's Gang, please click on this link: 

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