Thursday, December 4, 2014

National Cookie Day

Baking is fun, creative, messy, and tasty. Maybe that is why the plethora of festive cookie recipes that are shared and baked in December are a much-anticipated highlight of the holidays. 

When I was a child, everyone in the family had their specialty. My mom made owls with cashew beaks and melt-in-your-mouth lady fingers among lots of other memorable sweet treats. My aunt made sticky, gooey rice crispy wreaths
About 18 years ago today,
my kitchen was a mess of
sweet memories-in-the-making.

When my boys were small, we made red and white sugar cookie candy canes, peanut butter cookies with a chocolate kiss in the middle, chocolate chip (which I now prefer to make gluten-free), and iced sugar cookies cut in various holiday shapes. 

A simple recipe and a box of food dye can warm a cold December afternoon, filling it with magical memories. I'm National Cookie Day falls on the fourth of December. It reminds me to set aside time to bake. Sharing platefuls of homemade Christmas cookies with neighbors, friends, and family will always be one of my favorite holiday traditions.

What's your favorite holiday cookie recipe?

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