Sunday, September 13, 2015

Getting to know Miss Lily

When you welcome a new family member into your household, everyone experiences a period of adjustment. It is during this period when household members become acclimated to one another’s personalities, quirks and general life rhythms. 

We recently welcomed Lily into our family. At first, she was quiet, snuggly and just a little timid. However, she soon became comfortable with her surroundings, which was when her true personality began to show. Here’s a glimpse into that gregarious, fun-loving, still very snuggly personality.

I adore my mommy. I follow her everywhere — kitchen, office, bathroom — because I need to be near her. Even on those really hot days, I sat with my mommy by the pool and snuggled up to her leg.

Just because I followed my mommy to the pool did not mean I wanted to be in the water. She held me twice and got me all wet. It cooled me off, but it was not my favorite. And I really don’t understand why my mommy thinks floating is so great.

When we’re at the pool with our mommy and daddy, I sometimes like to just snuggle with my best bud, Kobe. We like being with everyone, but we don’t particularly want to get all wet.

I love it when we go for walks. It’s even better when we stop at places like Four Saints Brewing Company. I really like the places that understand I want to sit in a chair between my mommy and daddy and hang out with everyone around the table.

And when we go downtown, I love meeting up with little humans, like our neighbor. She feeds me goldfish and pets me a lot. She’s awesome.

Now, let me explain. The cat is always going into the basement through that door that is too small for any of us dogs. Meanwhile, he never, ever gets to go outside with us. I simply thought that we dogs needed access to the basement and the cat needed access to the backyard.

OK, I can see where you might get the wrong idea about this one. But let me explain. You see, Kobe and I were playing outside. It got a little warm, so we decided to take refuge in the screened in porch. Well, I was up there playing with Kobe and, well, you know how we like to nip at each other’s tails and legs? Well, my teeth might have accidentally got caught on the cushion. When I tried to pull free, well, that just made it worse.

This is not actually a hole. I was simply tilling up the area so my mommy could plant some nice fall flowers, maybe some chrysanthemums, next to the house. You know how she loves gardening! She doesn’t even let us in her vegetable garden.

I know, I know. THIS is what you want me to chew. But it smells kind of funny.

Hey, my daddy got up to stoke the fire and add more logs. We were just keeping his chair warm until he got back.

Between the walks, playing with Kobe, following my mommy around and getting into what my mommy and daddy seem to think is mischief, I sure do sleep well. And I love all the pillows in our house.

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