Sunday, March 5, 2017

An Apple in Your Sack

An apple in the sack | Navigating Hectivity by Micki BareOn a recent visit to hang out with our nieces, I was inspired by something my oldest niece said as she was pulling things out of her pocketbook. We were preparing to grab a bite to eat and then enjoy a local Mardi Gras parade — the Eve Parade to be precise —when she began reorganizing.

"This is the book I just can't get into," she said as she placed it on a table. "I need to put it on a shelf and stop carrying it around already." 

She pulled out another book — the one she is nearly finished reading — and then grabbed two apples. I followed her into the kitchen, where she deposited them in the produce drawer.

"I always keep at least one apple with me. If I'm not hungry enough for an apple, I'm not hungry."

Her statement was so matter-of-fact. She offered it as a reason for having fruit in her bag. And while she owed me no explanation, I was grateful she shared. She is petite and fit. And now I had one of they keys to how she maintained good health. 

The first thing I bought when we returned home was a bag of granny smith apples.

Snacking is one of my downfalls. I'm sure boredom plays a role, as does watching TV. With this new bit of youthful wisdom, however, I could finally overcome my weakness. 

Now, before I leave the house to head to the newsroom and visit Mom, I toss an apple in my bag. I also have them piled in a piece of nice pottery on our coffee table where we watch TV. If I'm not hungry enough to grab an apple, I'm not really hungry. 

I've eaten a few apples since we returned from Louisiana. However, I have yet to buy a new bag of tortilla chips. My in-between-meals snacking has diminished greatly. My niece is a genius. 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 
And let us also remember: 
An apple in your sack deters an unhealthy snack.

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