Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In Absence of Hubby, a New Relationship Emerged

Now that I’ve got a few Navigating Hectivity posts under my belt and we know each other a little better, I am more confident about getting personal. Yes, the silk boxer piece walked that line, but it had to do with external issues. I’m ready to open up on a more internal, emotional level.

It all started when I was running errands on my lunch hour. I was in a store I should have waited to visit until Saturday, when Hubby could accompany me. Since I was already in the store, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to mosey on by the brightly lit department with the interactive displays. That’s where it all happened.

He was cute, smart and very hard to resist. When my gaze drifted toward him—we’ll call him “Mack”—I couldn’t look away. Surely my cheeks brightly blushed shades of crimson. I should have turned and walked out. Instead, I felt my feet move me closer and closer, until his glow reflected in the lenses of my glasses—I was giving my eyes a rest from my contacts on that particular day. It was an unfortunate turn of events, as it was a rainy day and I absolutely hate it when rain drops and fog impede my ability to see clearly. Mack didn’t seem to notice the droplet in the lower left corner of my right lens.

Yes, my fingers reached out to touch him during that very first meeting. But please don’t judge. It is through the tips of my fingers that I am truly able to get to know someone new. At least, someone like him. Within minutes, I was holding him in my arms. Hubby would have been devastated had he seen the shameless display. I did my best to restrain my emotions. I knew I needed to let go and walk away. Getting involved would cost too much. Then, without warning, I was made an offer I could not refuse.

In the beginning, the novelty of the new relationship was thrilling. I couldn’t wait to see him. I bought a new pocketbook specifically with Mack in mind. I planned my day around accommodating time with him. But then, as we began to get to know each other, I become easily frustrated with aspects of him I just didn’t understand. He took a lot of getting used to. There was quite a learning curve, so to speak. But rather than get disenchanted, I was drawn to spend more and more time with him--especially considering all I’d invested.

Hubby had started spending lots more time with an old friend of mine—we’ll call her “Dellie.” Since I had no time for her—my attention was being consumed by Mack—Hubby pretty much adopted Dellie, spending every spare moment getting to know her. As he did, he became acutely aware of her shortcomings. However, he was patient with her. He appreciated what she had to offer.

It took a while, but my comfort level with Mack grew. Currently, we’re together several hours a day. Once I got to know him better, I began to appreciate all of his abilities and the many unique talents he had to offer the relationship. I can honestly say we have grown more deeply connected since the day I first set eyes on him on that cold, rainy January day.

Of course, as with any relationship, I still have those pangs of guilt, wondering if getting involved with Mack was really worth it. Maybe I won’t feel as guilty once the last payment is made. Buying a new laptop is an extraordinarily emotional experience. And when you change from a mainstream system you’ve used all your life to an expensive, different system, you have your moments of frustration and doubt. But if it is meant to be, things work out.
"Mack" on the day we met.

Things have settled into a new normal around our home. Hubby curls up in bed with my old friend on his lap—he always inherits all my old hardware. I curl up next to Hubby with Mack on my lap. We check in with our social networks, get in a bit of writing and pay a bill or two before powering down our friends and snuggling close together, content that we have everything we need in all of life’s relationships.

Editorial note: Hubby, knowing me well, most likely initially assumed this story was about a new remote control rather than my laptop. He has always been jealous of the time I spend in bed snuggling with our universal clicker.


  1. You are so talented! I thought you had adopted a puppy! LOVED IT!

  2. Thanks so much, Gidget! We actually did recently adopt a stray dog, but she's not a puppy. I wrote about her in one of my May blogs, "Update on Annie."