Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Friday Thoughts of the Beach

Sunset on the beach, Oak Island, NC.
Add 'photographer' to my list of hobbies.
After a week hanging out with two of our three boys, Ma and Hubby at the beach, the thoughts swirling in my mind are all annual beach vacation-related. Not that we take a week-long vacation at the beach each year.

It’s actually been nearly a decade since we’ve done it. However, after this year, I feel like we need to make it an annual thing. 

The best part of the week was hanging out, rafting, swimming and talking with our teens. They tried to tell me a classic raft was much better for body surfing than a boogie board, but I had to learn on my own. They chided me for letting the schools of fish freak me out, but eventually, in the spirit of hanging out with the boys, I made peace with the fact that I was swimming in nature’s aquarium.
Getting up to walk our dog on the beach was difficult, it being our vacation. But if we didn’t have to crawl out of bed early and throw clothes on for a morning walk with little Annie, we would have missed seeing the majestic pod of dolphins flipping and playing near the breakers. In the water sparkling under the barely-risen sun, the dolphin play was magical—it was as if we were walking in a dream.
We take to the mini-links
like some take to Pinehurst No. 2.
It was also interesting to learn how talented my mother is at the game of putt putt. For someone, “just having fun,” she sure sunk a lot of holes in one. Of course, the boys tied for first place, forcing a playoff. And against all odds—at least, in the mind of our 19-year-old—our youngest came out on top by one stroke. 

You can be sure we will be making reservations for next summer before school starts. If for nothing else, to ensure our middle child has the opportunity to challenge his baby brother to a rematch.

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